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our core principles and values

Our philosophy is to treat all horses & humans with the respect they deserve. We like to be honest both with our clients & horses & would never knowingly sell or pass on a horse which had a problem which made it dangerous/unsuitable to ride. We would ideally like our horses to have a home with you for life & to be your greatest friend, which is why we take the time & care to suit you to the horse. If we feel a horse is not suitable for you, however much you may want it, we will not sell it to you. In order for both ourselves & our clients to be happy with their horse, once a suitable horse has been found, we ask that you come as many times as you wish to ride the horse, both under tuition in our outdoor school & also out on long hacks with the opportunity to canter upon open ground in a group of horses & riders & also under varying road traffic conditions. We believe this is a unique service not offered by our competitors.

Due to the present economic situation I am no longer able to offer the above service. However I am still able to source you a horse through my business partner in Holland. I can them accompany you to Holland, making all the necessary arrangements to view suitable horse(s). There is a set fee for this service & you will purchase the horse direct & no commission will be paid to me. This means you will be able to buy a horse at a cheaper price.


We have noticed recently that other people selling friesians have been copying the content of our Website, some quite blatantly almost word for word. Although this is extremely upsetting as we have spent a lot of time money & also thought on how we wish to run our business, you have to ask yourselves do you really want to buy a horse from people who cant even be bothered to put the time effort & thought into writing their own website & blatantly plaguerise someone elses. As they have already acted without integrity do you think they will be any different when selling a horse to clients. We have also been victims of scammers i.e other sellers using pictures of our horses & selling them as their own. We are aware through Fhagbi this has become quite a common occurence with Fhagbi members having pictures taken of their horses at the gradings & then being advertised for sale.  Upon enquiring about the horse for sale the prospective buyer is told ' the horse has been sold' but they have others for sale. Fhagbi can provide you with more information regarding this practice & the UK dealer who has been doing this. This type of dealer tends to buy the cheaper  friesians which are invariably poor quality & can have major issues, because they cant afford to buy quality horses & unfortunately this could lead to the breed having a bad name. Our ethos is to promote the Friesian, but only the quality, safe & sensible friesian horses. We know that our partner in Holland who is very well respected within the FPS only buys horse from private buyers or from breeders who are honest & trustworthy. As in the UK there are many dealers who are honest & trustworthy & many who are not.

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